The rise and the fall of Milos Krasic

A story could be short and could be nonsense. A story could be a coincidence. This a coincidence without any sense. I was writing an application form for a curatorial residency. I was tired and I was working with that typical sense of frustration represents a part, the biggest(?), of every independent job.

I decided to have a break and I was reading the sport news on the website of Gazzetta dello Sport. Immediately a news struck my attention. It was the story of Milos Krasic a Serbian midfielder who played for Juventus F.C. in between 2010-2012. When Krasic arrived in Juventus the team was suffering for a long recovery from relegation and a bad position (7th) in the chart of Serie A league.

His arrival was a breath of fresh air. He started to score immediately, even an hat-trick against Cagliari. He became a new idol quite quickly. But then, after a few months and without any comprehensible reason, he’s literally disappeared. At the end of the season Juventus replayed the bad position of the previous year and Krasic spent the rest of the season on the bench. The following season Juventus changed a lot both coach and many players. Juventus won the Serie A but what about Krasic?.

He played only a couple of games, he seemed to be out of context, faded and unappreciated.

When I was reading about this story suddenly a little spider come out and start to climb my laptop. I stooped all my other useless activities to follow this unbelievable challenge.

It was unsolicited, it was worthless. It lasted less than a minute but the climbing of this spider has remind me the rise and the fall of Milos Krasic.





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