Timo Bredenberg – Trophy


Timo Bredenberg

Trophy (2016)

3d rendered image

Trophy design based on images of destroyed structures of Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine. The arena hosted five of the 2012 UEFA European Championship games. Donbass Arena was partially destroyed in artillery shelling 22nd of August 2014 during War in Ukraine¹.

Based on Google images I designed a trophy that plays with elements taken from grotesque destroyed structures of Donbass Arena² and sublime elements of trophies. I wanted to investigate trophy as a form of aestheticization of competition in sports and geopolitics. Trophy fuses these two intertwining discourses that are often considered separate especially in the sports talk.


  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/video/2014/aug/25/shakhtar-donetsk-donbass-stadium-damaged-ukraine-conflict-video

  2. https://www.google.fi/search?biw=1302&bih=830&tbm=isch&q=donbass+arena+war



Timo Bredenberg, Trophy (2016), 3d rendered image, Courtesy the Artist


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